Asus X441S Spesification, Price and Drivers

Laptops today are very important or must-have for everyone. Both students, office employees, teachers, lecturers and almost all jobs require a laptop for typing, internet access, programming, design, etc.

This time ASUS raises a laptop that has a price of 3 millions of course fit dikantong. This laptop is ASUS X441SA Laptop, Asus X441S Driver is not a laptop that has the specifications of a god or a superb specification, but with a price that only 3 millions of specifications of this laptop is okay and can be used for everyday work or entertainment.

Not only that, the design of the X441SA is also very elegant which will look like an expensive laptop. With a thickness that fits, not too thick and not too thin, not only that weighs only 1.9 kg which will certainly make this laptop more stable and lightweight taken anywhere.

On the screen owned by Asus X441S notebook is given a screen of 14 inches LED polluted (1366 × 768) with a clear and clear HD display with display driver. Thin laptop design is also the latest breakthrough that has been applied in asus x441s laptop, this is indeed lead on the heavy side of the laptop will be increasingly light.

Asus x441s laptop is equipped with Intel Dual Core N3060 processor device with a speed of 2.48 GHz is supported with 2GB of RAM memory that makes the performance and speed of laptops faster and smooth in doing various activities. But on this ram part embedded in the motherboard with an additional 1 slot ram, for better performance you must install the asus x441s driver.

Storage owned by this laptop is quite large with a size of 500 GB hard drive 5400RPM SATA HDD which you can use to store various files whether it's small or large document size. On battery power that is on the laptop asus x441S has a durability of up to 36 hours with batteries that are also embedded in the laptop that can not be off pairs. 

Asus X441S laptop includes a laptop with a fairly new type, is equipped with a complete connection port such as HDMI port, usb port 3.0, LAN slot, VGA port. Audio device on the laptop asus 3 millions of this is one of the best features provided by SonicMaster Technology ASUS can produce maximum sound. Driver Asus X441S has two color options namely black and silver.
Laptop Price Asus X441S Dual Core Laptop Match Work Light.

Asus laptop has a fairly affordable price of about 3 millions, this is because the laptop can not be maximized for various activities such as heavy games, heavy applications also of course but it also depends on how the use and maintenance of laptops so that laptops can be used optimally.
The price of this asus x441s laptop is priced at RP. 3.405.000 is equivalent to the specifications and features that you will take home on this xus1 asus laptop. may be useful.

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